Classes are COMING SOON!!!

Our educators have stamped WELL over 100,000 discs throughout their years of disc golf, and we want to share our knowledge with the world. Take a look at our free videos, and if you want to learn more... than we have some more advanced courses for you to take. We will go into more detail regarding the finer points of hot stamping, as well as some methods that have helped us in the past - to save you some time and troubleshooting! We have all been there, so let's work together to get it right!

We also plan on doing IN-DEPTH videos, going over: proper set ups, maintenance, common issues and how to fix them, as well as many, many, tips & tricks. This is meant to NOT include, or be about any brands or branding - this is only a way for stampers to teach each other and work together to develop a system to properly teach our future generations of stampers out there. Get your presses warmed up!

Thank you for supporting us as we come together, on this journey of trial, error, and burnt knuckles. Haha. But... we can always try learning something new, even as we grow up! - Josh

We believe everyone can stamp their own disc!

We also offer one on one tutorials, as well as help over the phone, Facetime, or Skype. If you are local you can even book an appointment to come down and stamp your own disc, while working with Josh to perfect your stamp game!

  • Josh, when he first learned to stamp! Lol